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Park Homes

Our recommended Park Home insulation system is an absolute must if your property is unable to retain heat and your fuel bills are spiraling out of control. After years of research and extensive testing the Instaclad system is now available and the full system could save over £325* a year on your energy bills!

Insulation for the walls

This specially designed insulation cladding by Instagroup is skilfully fitted to the external walls of your Park Home by our operatives providing the additional thermal resistance you need. The render finish will be in keeping with the surrounding properties and the wall insulation is guaranteed for 25 years.

Insulation for the roof & floor

To further improve the thermal resistance of your home we install loft and under-floor insulation preventing more heat loss and increasing fuel savings.

Watch the Instaclad video and contact us for your free no obligation quote

Viridian Energy Solutions are the approved instagroup installer of the Instaclad system and can insulate your Park Home in Ashford, Folkestone, Dover, Canterbury, Margate, Maidstone and other towns in Kent and Sussex.

*£326.40 annual fuel bill saving for a 86m² park home built 1983-1985 without modifications on mains gas for heating and 100mm existing loft insulation (£184.37 walls, £77.59 floor and £64.44 loft savings)
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