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Q. How can I cut my gas and electric bills?

  1. Switch your lights off
    Turn your lights off when you’re not using them! Leaving one light on for 15 minutes per day more than you need to could add £15 per year to your electricity bill.
  2. Compare Gas & Electric prices
    Make sure the energy supplier tariff you’re on is the best and cheapest for you. Contact your energy supplier on a regular basis and make sure there isn’t any better deals on offer. Also visit the comparison websites to find the most competitive rates. The good sites will check your current tariff against all the offers available, advise the best deal for you, switch you over if you agree and in some cases will save you hundreds of pounds per year on your energy bills!!
  3. Kitchen cut backs
    Wash up in a bowl rather than a running tap over dirty plates and cutlery to save up to £30 a year in energy bills.
    Another £7 per year can be saved by only filling the kettle with the amount of water you need.
    Ensure you have a full load each time you use your washing machine (but don’t overload). Cutting your usage by just one load per week can save £13 a year on energy and water usage (if you have a water meter).
  4. A shorter shower saves a ‘sixpence’
    Cutting your shower by just one minute per day could cut around 2 ½p off your energy bills each day, per person. Households with water meters will save a further 4p per person off daily water and sewerage bills. That may not sound a lot but for a family of four that’s nearly £100 a year!.
  5. Insulate your loft
    A fully insulated loft will cut heat loss by up to 25% and save around £140 per year on your heating cost! Loft insulation will last for many years and the initial outlay for having it installed will easily be covered by the savings on your bill.
  6. Draught excluder
    Draughts around doors and windows are both uncomfortable and costly. Draught-proofing your windows and doors can save up to £35 a year on heating costs and is relatively cheap to install.
  7. Wall Insulation
    A third of your heat will be lost through uninsulated cavity walls. You can save around £160 per year on your heating costs by having cavity wall insulation installed in your home. Cavity wall insulation will last many years and the installation cost will be more than recovered by the savings on your heating bill. Solid walls lose more heat than cavity walls. External wall insulation will cut your heating costs and in many cases will improve the external look of the property.
  8. Get a smart meter
    Smart meters will put and end to estimated bills. Smart meters come with an ‘in home’ display and will help you understand your energy usage in real time. Your ‘in home’ display will also show how much energy was used in the last hour, week or month and what that has cost you. It will also indicate whether your usage is high average or low. You can use this information to help cut wasted energy and reduce your bill. Contact your Gas and Electricity supplier and find out about their timetables and plans for fitting smart meters in your area.


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